"Right now Bitcoin feels like the Internet before the browser"

- Wences Casares, founder of Xapo.

As Wences Casares rightly pointed out in the quote above, we are still in the very early days of Bitcoins; Bitcoins as a digital currency is only a tip of the iceberg.

Before the internet browsers, anyone could hardly use or build anything on the internet. The same can be said of Bitcoins, today Bitcoins only remains a crypto currency.

Browsers become the Graphic User Interface of the internet and allowed us to have more defining and fulfilling interactions with the internet.

With the internet browsers we could access email, publish websites, use browsers apps, stream videos and do more.

Bitcoin Property explains the value of Bitcoin and Blockchain

Similar to internet browsers, Blockchain technology is more of a Graphic User Interface to the Bitcoin technology. Bitcoin’s Blockchain technology allows us to express and experience the full potential of Bitcoins.

Blockchain technology is what makes Bitcoins decentralized, transparent, autonomous and lack a central point of failure.

The technology of Blockchain is not limited to only crypto currencies, we could implement it in various aspects of life to achieve transparency, decentralization and automation.

Bitcoin Effect

Bitcoin Effect
Bitcoin Effect

In this report we will look at the full effect of Bitcoins on the financial industry. We will also look at the implications of Blockchain technology on our civilization.

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The Bitcoin Effect report is from Makafui George Dzivenu, founder of Coin Sheriff. Below is a preview of the things you will discover in the Bitcoin Effect report.

Outlining the Bitcoin Effect:
Who is this report for?

Investors seeking to know the feasibility of Bitcoin's Blockchain technology and fact-backed projections.

Bitcoin - Investors

Entrepreneurs seeking facts, trends, visionary opinions, opportunities and resources of the Bitcoin industry.

Bitcoin - Entrepreneurs

Enthusiasts seeking to understand the true possibilities, applications and opportunities of the Bitcoin industry.

Bitcoin - Enthusiasts

Software developers who want insights on trends, applications and fact-backed projections on the Bitcoin industry.

Bitcoin - Developers

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